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Shirt dresses to wear this fall with boots and sneakers

The shirt dress can also be a fall staple. And if you are still not convinced, you have to look at this dress designed by M. Christian Lacroix for Desigual.

Autumn is finally here. We had been waiting for the arrival of autumn for a long time, and looking forward to releasing some slightly warmer outfits than we had seen so far. And it is that autumn is one of our favorite seasons. A mid-season season where it is neither too cold nor too hot and we can make some of the most original ‘looks’. Also, of course, it is the season of the classic boots with dress, a combination that we love and that is always a success. Although, you can also alternate this proposal of the season for the jumpsuit with boots as the actress Marta Hazas did a few days ago. Of course, if you are from the boots and dresses team, you have to take a look at the ‘look’ of an influencer!

We are talking about the influencer Marta Lozano, who has already left her summer looks behind to delight us with more autumnal pieces like the dress from her latest publication. It is a shirt dress from Desigual, designed in collaboration with M. Christian Lacroix. It is not the first time that the French designer collaborates with the brand, and it never ceases to amaze us.

What is special about this dress? The first thing is that it is a very practical and versatile dress – in addition to being a trend – which allows us to combine it with sneakers such as cowboy boots. And the second, its floral print that never fails at this time of year. If you have fallen in love with Marta’s shirt dress, it is best to sign it as soon as possible because some sizes, such as XS, have flown!

Vestido camisero floral de Desigual

If you are looking for a versatile dress that you can wear with flat shoes such as heels, we have to confess that we have found it!

During this confinement we have realized that we want to be at home with comfortable looks but without being in a tracksuit. We have learned to take advantage of clothes that we had in the closet and that we never thought we would wear to be at home. And it is proven that confinement becomes more bearable when we take off our pajamas and get ready. This little act immediately lifts our spirits.

But without a doubt, what has raised our spirits the most are the spring-summer dresses that we have already signed in many brands. Specifically, a dress that the influencer Maria F. Rubíes has uploaded with a pleated effect, lots of color and above all very elegant. The key to this dress and for which we have set ourselves, is that it looks great both with sandals -like she has worn it from Arizona Love-, and with heels. María wanted to give it a more comfy touch (very appropriate to the quarantine) with the ugly sandals that will be worn so much this summer.

But it is true, that we have already seen this dress beyond the quarantine. And we have to confess that we are already thinking about future guest events that will surely wait for us in September. María’s dress seems to us a very versatile and perfect bet in which to invest and use it in the first event you have after confinement.

The dress you will wear with sandals and heels

The dress that María has worn is from & Other Stories. A long pleated dress with a geometric figure print. The bad thing is that the dress is no longer available on the web (but we will be attentive in case it returns). But since we don’t want you to stay with the desire, we have also signed a very similar version in & Other Stories and one that is succeeding so much that it is about to run out. You are warned!

If you ran out of the gorgeous pink dress from the Giambattista Valli collaboration for H&M, there is a very affordable new option!

It seems that all our events such as baptisms, communions and even family birthdays will be postponed for a while. This does not mean that we are not looking for now (and now that we have enough time) the looks that we will wear for those events. And the thing is that we warn you about one thing, once we leave you will have more events than usual so you have to be prepared.

The best thing is that you can do it at a good price thanks to H&M. The Swedish giant is one of our favorite low cost stores in the world. Its collections are increasingly successful, both in the message they convey and the quality of its products. And so we have been able to see it in the last spring-summer collection that we showed you a few weeks ago. A fresh, summery and full of life collection that made us dream of a summer closer and closer.

But this collection has not been the only one that has caught our attention, but also the collaborations that the Swedish firm constantly makes both with designers and with other brands. We cannot forget the spectacular collaboration they did with Giambattista Valli where a pink dress became the most desired. Well now H&M has left us with this dress again (for which we could not get it) thanks to a collaboration with Netflix and the series To All the boys, but in a mini version and with a much more fluorine pink.

To All the Boys has become one of the most successful teenage romantic comedies, so H&M has taken advantage of the pull to collect collections like other low-cost brands such as Pull & Bear with La Casa de Papel. But, let’s go back to the pink dress. And it is that what we like the most about this new version of the tulle dress is its price, only 10 euros, and on top of that, it seems like an option of ten to take it to our next events once we leave the quarantine.

Vestido rosa fruncido de H&M

As much as we do with this ideal dress, the more you will do with other garments that H&M has released in this collaboration. Much more informal garments that you could even wear from home today and spend the confinement beautiful and without pajamas. Which of them would you choose?

Style your favorite summer and fall dresses with Carmen Gimeno’s fashion tip: a short denim jacket

Either because you love the oversize trend or because you simply find wide dresses or relaxed cuts super comfortable, the truth is that in recent months you have seen the number of models with that pattern increase in your wardrobe. You can find the most fashionable of autumn 2020 here. But the truth is that the dress that we like at the same time does not always stylize. Nothing happens, because Instagram comes to the rescue with the perfect idea to show off your favorite outfits and look as stylish as ever.

As on so many occasions, we have found the style tip in the mature influencer account that has conquered us all: Carmen Gimeno’s. The Basque model who dresses great with affordable clothes from brands like Zara, H&M or Mango, has started September and the fall that is already here giving us all kinds of ideas with which to optimize our dressing room. Thus, she has found in Zara the dress that most favors mature women. And also in Inditex’s flagship brand I found the blazer that elevates all your looks this season. On this occasion, more than a garment, he has given us fashion advice, and it is very easy!

And, as we advanced above, you can take advantage of all your comfortable summer and autumn dresses and show off a stylized figure if you do like Carmen Gimeno and add a fashionable denim jacket, preferably cropped. In this way, you will accentuate the shoulders, raise the waist and visually you will look more stylized. Look how good it looks.

The denim jacket that Carmen has chosen is adorned with jewel fringes, it has frayed hem and you would have found it in Zara a few weeks ago, but it is now completely sold out. However, you can find many other fashion models available in your favorite low cost stores. What is available is H & M’s most comfortable denim blue chiffon dress with animal print. It is an ankle-length model with a V-neckline and vertical gathered seam for a draped effect (two other elements that help to style).

vestido hm azul estampado

A black outfit doesn’t have to be too serious. Do like Carmen Gimeno and play with accessories to take years off and stylize your silhouette.

No color is neutral in fashion and choosing it to star in our outfit always carries its face and its cross. So it is with that shelter color that is black. We know about its ability to visually stylize the silhouette, especially worn in a total look format. But it is also a tone that hardens the features and is traditionally associated with rigor and seriousness. For that reason, mature women may tend to put it aside in their day-to-day life and use it only on special occasions (not just funerals …).

But Carmen Gimeno has broken one more style barrier to show us that wearing black also favors even if you are already 50 years old. Our favorite mature influencer gives us many joys on her Instagram, for her ability to always wear low cost brands and give her that magical twist to subtract years with any outfit. We have loved wearing the boho dress from Zara that looks great on mature women. Or with the H&M polka dot skirt that you will not stop wearing in autumn.

On this occasion, the secret of her look is not so much in the outfit as in the combination of elements of her style. For her last post, Carmen has chosen a set of puffed long-sleeved top with die-cut and poplin skirt all in black colors and that she has acquired at Zara. And she has combined it with colorful accessories chosen wisely to subtract that hardness that is assumed by the dark side of Pantone: a red leather bag and white Nike sneakers with rainbow details.