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Top 10 – Fashion Sunflowers to wear this 2020

Helianthus annuus, commonly called sunflower, calom, jáquima, maravilla, mirasol, tlapololote, tile corn, acahual3 (from nahuatl atl, water and cahualli, left, abandoned) or flor de escudo (from nahuatl chimali, shield and xochitl, flower), is an annual herbaceous plant of the asteraceae family originating in Central and North America and cultivated as a food, oil and ornamental plant worldwide.

Know the origin of sunflowers

To begin to know the origin of the sunflowers, it is necessary to mention that it is native of the United States as well as most of the Helianthus family (Sunflowers).

When primitive man arrived in America he began to use the sunflower as food, but little by little they began to give it different uses such as using it to paint their body for religious ceremonies or to paint vessels or crafts.

As a curious fact some natives thought that if the sunflowers were high and flowered the buffaloes were ready to be hunted for food.

Sunflowers and their origins

Although its domestication of the plant was in the United States, it was not until the Spanish conquest that its export to Europe was the sunflower boom, this encouraged it to be used in most European countries and distributed to Asia.

The introduction to Russia managed to discover its use by extracting the sunflower oil between the years 1800 and 1900, this generated that in later years the obtaining of oil will be improved with different varieties.

Exporting the sunflower over the years

As time went by, its use was giving it a fame that allowed its distribution to other countries, little by little it was gaining a place in the ornamental flowers this for its beauty and its so characteristic size in addition to its other uses in the industry.

It was used by famous painters who were inspired by this peculiar flower and gave rise to many of the best known works such as the sunflowers of Vincent Van Gogh.

Nowadays it is fashionable to use it in weddings, engagements or simply as a great gift.

From nature to your clothes

If you’ve reached this point it’s because you like to be on the cutting edge of fashion in your clothes, then you can’t pass up the opportunity to get to know the best clothes and accessories for your day-to-day life, and even more so when you love these peculiar flowers that are sunflowers, so dress up in sunflowers.

Sunflower dresses, blouses and shirts


If you’ve reached this point is because you like to be at the forefront of fashion in your clothes, then you can not miss the opportunity to know the best clothes and accessories for your day to day, and more when you love these so peculiar flowers that are the sunflowers, so dress up in sunflowers.

Why buy Sunflower Clothing?

Sunflowers are a great symbol of life and positivism, and with our store you have never had it so easy to transport it to all fields of your life. Look in summer with beautiful sunflower swimsuits, or with all kinds of dresses and clothes with sunflower prints.

Sunflower Shirts

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Sunflowers Blouse

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Fill your outfit with these beautiful and intense sunflower colors.

Women’s Sunflower Shirt

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Sunflower shirts for everybody

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Shirts with Sunflowers

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Dresses with Sunflowers

You may wonder why when the first scents of spring arrive, they come out everywhere dressed in floral prints. Well, it’s very simple, spring is joy, and that green and growing vegetation that appears in those times inspires happiness and harmony, and sunflowers transmit that energy in the best possible way.

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Sunflower clothing for women

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Why buy dresses with sunflowers?

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Sunflower Dresses

It is not a coincidence that great civilizations and cultures in human history identified their gods through these flowers, since sunflowers are in constant search of the Sun, a primordial factor for the possibility of life. Represent your vitality and joy with these wonderful sunflower dresses.

Sunflower T-shirts

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Sunflowers T-shirts for everyone

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Sunflower Hats and caps

To go out in the sun, the best thing to do is to cover our faces with a hat or cap, but why not with a sunflower hat? Come and meet all the variety of hats and caps for all occasions with your flower the sunflower.

Choose the hat or cap that suits you best

10 garments with sunflowers that you will love forever


Autumn is here and with it comes the favorite time for one of the most beautiful flowers in the world: sunflowers. Many garments have been adapted to wear prints with these beautiful flowers, achieving fabulous and beautiful results. Here we will show you some of them.

1.- Dress


The arrival of autumn should not necessarily mean that you have to say goodbye to short and thin clothes. You can still make use of these and what better than to do so with this nice print, full of color and joy.

2.- Short


The sunflower print on this type of garment makes your outfit look beautiful and colorful. As it is not present in all your outfit, it makes a nice contrast with the rest of your clothes.

3.- Top


It is one of the favorite garments of the millennials, as it fits perfectly with all types of clothing. One of the most used forms is with jeans or even with skirts.

4.- Jumpsuit


This is one of the most used alternatives since some seasons ago. Jumpsuits, monkeys or breakers, as they are also called, look very good with this type of print. Accompany them with long boots or booties.

5.- Neck


For some years now, the “bobo” neck as it is known today, has become very popular in blouses and dresses. Look for the garment of your choice to have a white collar, to contrast with the sunflowers.

6.- Blouse


There are some very basic and casual ones that you can easily wear for your day to day, achieving an extraordinary and most beautiful outfit.

7.- Long sleeve


Don’t close your tops and halters, because there are a lot of different models of blouses; one of them is the ones with long sleeves. You can get a lot out of this type of garment when printing sunflowers, because they take up a greater amount of space and that will make more flowers on your outfit.

8.- Shoes


There is the option of looking for shoes that have the print or even the embroidery of this flower; but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing sunflowers on your feet, you can choose to wear yellow shoes that fit perfectly with the rest of your outfit.

9.- Pants


It may not be the favorite garment for this season, but as you may remember, jeans and pants with prints and/or embroidery have become very fashionable. Of all the designs you can get, the sunflowers are a very good bet, because they look the most beautiful and fashionable.

10.- Bag


The accessories are very important to achieve this style. In case you don’t have a garment with the print, you can create an outfit based on the colors of the sunflowers, giving prominence to the canary yellow.

The weather is not an obstacle to use this kind of garments, because the prints make us feel as if we were in the middle of spring. Ready to join this style?