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Tips for Wearing Crop Tops

Crop tops are small pieces that usually reach navel height or a little higher and are usually combined with pants or shorts above the waist. It is one of the garments that we will see the most this spring-summer season.

However, being such short pieces they can be difficult to combine and risk trying. Therefore, today I give you some tips that you can apply to encourage you to use them.

Wear High-Waisted Clothing

Wear high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts that reveal only a little skin. This way, you won’t feel as exposed and will show off a smaller waist. If you still feel uncomfortable, try a see-through blouse first so you get used to the look.

Hide Areas with a Sack

A jacket, blazer or vest will help you cover yourself and you will only show what you want. It also works to put a dress under the crop top, so it will look like a skirt and you will give a different touch to the look.

Remember that although crop tops are in trend, it is not mandatory to use them. So if you do not feel comfortable with this type of garment it is better that you be true to your style, would you dare?

No matter your size or height, any woman can rock a ‘crop top’.

Those ‘crop tops’ … the dream of some and the nightmare of many. The problem with this garment is that in many countries it looks very daring and, although it may look elegant, a lot of women feel intimidated by it.

What if I can see the stretch mark or the fish market? Does not matter! The clothes do not dress you, YOU dress the clothes and, if you wear them with confidence, you will never look bad!